We're pleased to offer the following services here at the Cazenovia Animal Hospital!

Wellness Care: Bringing your pet in for a wellness visit means they will be checked over by a doctor to ensure their body is as healthy as can be. Some of the things your pet has checked while in a wellness visit include heart and lungs, abdominal organs, skin and coat, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, lymph nodes, ears, eyes, nose, and oral health.

During this visit we will also give your pet vaccinations to prevent serious and sometimes deadly diseases, some of which can be transmitted to humans. Along with vaccinations, we will also discuss preventatives for fleas/ticks and heartworm. We also recommend bringing a stool sample yearly to ensure your pet does not have any intestinal parasites.

Puppy/Kitten Series: Puppies and kittens need a series of vaccinations to ensure they are fully protected because their immune systems are still adapting. We give these with a doctor so your puppy or kitten has examinations as they are growing to ensure they are healthy, and so they can get vaccinations at a pace their body can safely handle. We also give training tips and advice if needed, and trim their nails during these visits.

If you have any questions about vaccinations please give our office a call!

Spay and Neuter: Spaying/neutering your pet has many medical and behavioral benefits. The procedure can highly decrease or eliminate the risk of certain cancers such as ovarian, testicular, mammary and prostate. It will also eliminate the risk of pyometra (infection of the uterus) in female animals, which is a serious emergency that can be very costly to correct. It can also help lower aggression, roaming behavior, mounting, and urine marking. We usually discuss spaying and neutering during puppy and kitten visits to find the best time for each pet, but we can also do the procedure on adult animals.

Dental Care: Part of your pet's wellness visit is an oral exam. The doctor will asses their teeth and gums and decide when they need a dental cleaning. Unlike humans who can have their cleaning done while awake, animals will not hold their mouths open therefore they require general anesthesia. During the cleaning we scale the teeth to remove built up tartar and bacteria on the surface and under the gums, then polish and clean. If your pet needs any teeth removed our doctors are able to safely remove most teeth, we do recommend a dental specialist for some. We have also recently introduced dental x-rays which will help us find dental disease that cannot be seen with the naked eye!

If you think your pet may need a dental cleaning call our office to schedule a visit today!

Laser Therapy: We have recently started offering laser therapy treatments. The laser uses a wavelength of light to stimulate the natural biological process of healing.These treatments can significantly help reduce pain and inflammation. Some conditions that can be treated with laser therapy include soft tissue wounds, arthritis, Chronic pain, skin conditions, dental conditions, ear infections, and much more. We use a safe class III certified laser which will not cause any pain for your animals. Most treatments take less than 15 minutes, some acute conditions may only require a few sessions while chronic conditions usually require long term sessions. Laser therapy has been proven over the last 40 years to improve wound healing, nerve regeneration, and pain relief.

Surgical Services: We offer a variety of surgical services here at CAH performed by our trained doctors. With every surgery we require baseline bloodwork to test organ function and blood levels before anesthesia to ensure our anesthetics are safe to use in your pet (sometimes we also require additional testing based on age or medical conditions). With any procedure that requires general anesthesia we place an IV catheter to administer fluids which helps flush the anesthetics from the body as your pet recovers. Some surgeries our doctors perform include spaying/neutering, mass removal, dewclaw removal, bladder stone removal, ear hematoma correction, cherry eye correction, foreign body removal, and many more. We do offer a wide variety of services, but we do refer to specialized surgeons for most orthopedic and neurological surgeries.

Diagnostics: In veterinary medicine our patients are unable to describe to us if they’re sick or where they hurt, so we rely on testing to come to a diagnosis. We offer digital x-rays, cytology (microscopic inspection of cells), as well as blood, urine, fecal, and other fluid analysis. We have recently upgraded our laboratory equipment to allow faster and more accurate results!

Geriatric Care: As your pet gets older it is important to monitor their health and comfort. We offer comprehensive visits to discuss aging and some of the complications that come with it. We also recommend doing blood work as your pet ages to ensure your animals organ function and other blood values are normal- and if they are not we can discuss alternative care options to prolong their lives if possible.

Euthanasia: When you feel it is nearing the time to say goodbye, we are here with you through the entire process. Euthanasia is not an easy decision, but it can alleviate your pet from suffering and allows them to make a peaceful transition when the time comes. In remembrance of your pet we offer a clay paw print for no additional charge.


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