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Welcome!  We are glad you have chosen Cazenovia Animal Hospital to care for your family pets.  We are excited to be working together with you to ensure your pets receives the best veterinary care throughout their lives.

New puppies and kittens change dramatically in their first 6 months.  They go from babies sleeping, eating and playing to pets able to have their own babies in that short time span.  This rapid change makes it necessary for our doctors to examine your pet frequently to make sure he is growing at a healthy rate, no problems have developed and he is properly vaccinated to protect against the diseases we are concerned about in this area.

As your pet matures, we recommend annual physical exams and preventive care that best suits your pet. Our services and facility allow us to provide not only routine preventative care but also early detection and treatment of disease as your pet ages.  By providing complete medical and surgical care for each pet individually and addressing your concerns for his care, we can reach our goal:               

     Healthy Pets, Happy Clients


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