In an effort to provide our patients with the highest level of care, we will be utilizing the emergency clinic at the Veterinary Medical Center for after-hours emergencies.

The Veterinary Medical Center is located at:
5841 Bridge Street,  Syracuse, NY
Please call ahead if the nature of the emergency permits, otherwise proceed directly there.

Plan to use the VMC when our office is closed during the following times:

Monday through Friday  after 6pm
Saturday after 4pm

All day Sundays and holidays

This state of the art facility is staffed around the clock and is able to provide rapid diagnostics, 24 hour monitoring of hospitalized patients and surgery when needed. The quality of care provided as well as the skills of the staff is excellent.

Unsure if your pet's condition is an emergency?  When the hospital is closed, one of our veterinarians is always available by phone for a consult.  They can answer questions and determine if your pet needs to go to an emergency clinic or if it can wait until the hospital is open again for an appointment.

Emergency consult   315-655-3409

Emergencies during our regular business hours will be seen at Cazenovia Animal Hospital.


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