A Special Dog Named Durago

Every once in a while a special pet comes into your life to change your outlook on many things.  Durago was one such pet for us at the Cazenovia Animal Hospital.  We first met Durago when his owner, Sally, brought him to us seeking a 2nd opinion for his hair loss.  To be truthful, our first thought was how could we help this dog, he was in such a state.  Sally had been searching for answers for some time and came to us for another opinion. 

After examination and lab tests, a diagnosis of Discoid Lupus, an autoimmune disease, was made and a treatment plan started.  Durago was so lucky to have such a caring owner who was willing to follow the treatment plan to the letter.  Better yet, we were so lucky to have the sweetest patient in Durago, always wagging his tail and taking all the poking and prodding with calm dignity and never a complaint.  Slowly he started feeling better, more energetic, he was gaining weight and his hair was growing back.  We all looked forward to his visits to see the improvements continue.

Unfortunately, autoimmune diseases affect many body systems and sadly only 18 months from our first meeting this brave little dog, he was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma affecting all his lymph nodes and spleen.  Sally and Dr. Kolb talked at length about treatment plans, prognosis and quality of life.  Durago had been through a long battle and it was decided our goal would be to keep him comfortable.  Declining quickly, Sally recognized that Durago was not able to enjoy life and the sad day came when we said good-bye to this amazing dog.

Sally was so appreciative for all we did for her and Durago; she wanted to do something special for the Cazenovia Animal Hospital and asked our opinion.  Talking together, we felt a memorial fund in Durago’s name would be a wonderful tribute to him and make us feel good too.  The fund will be used to help clients that may need assistance in paying for needed care for their pets.  Our hope is that other owners will contribute in memory of their pets or make a donation as a way of helping those less fortunate in the community.

Which clients receive assistance will be determined by a joint decision from the doctors and staff of the Cazenovia Animal Hospital. 100% of the money donated will be dispersed.  Unfortunately, these donations are not tax deductible.  It’s a great way to honor your pet and help others at the same time.

If you are interested in making a donation, you can do so by printing out this form and mailing or dropping it off to the Cazenovia Animal Hospital.  We also invite you to include a memorial to your pet along with a photo to be shared on our remembrance page. 

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